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The Definitive Weekend Road Trip Article: This is What You Need


Some people have this insane fascination with packing. They love the ritual of setting their clothes and supplies out. They love the feeling of satisfaction after picking precisely the perfect bag for the trip. They absolutely love it. Me on the other hand, I hate packing. I sit there and just want to be in the damn car already. What I do love is knowing that my gear is there for me, getting in the car and the feeling of cruising in the drop top Jag when it is slightly too cold to have the top down. Follow our recommendations and I can guarantee you’ll be at the hotel bar on your third whisky sour by the time your buddy finishes laying out his clothes.

The Bag- If you’re anything like me, you have few pieces of luggage, but your weekend bag gets the most use. Our favorite is the Bleeker Duffle from Coach. Yes, yes we know it’s expensive, but the smell of Coach Leather somehow justifies it. The craftsmanship is downright impressive and trust me when I say it gets better with age. MSRP $698

The Dopp Kit- I didn’t think that buying a nice dopp kit was even something that would be worth it and thought my Walmart special toiletry bag was doing well. All of that was before I discovered Hudson Sutler. The guys over at Hudson Sutler understand that people just want something that works and is well thought out. I love the angled zipper on their Key West Dopp Kit is an example of great design meets great functionality. Oh yeah, and it’s made in the good ole US of A so it gets major bonus points. MSRP $60

The Backpack- Sure, your old Jansport hasn’t failed you, but it’s time to upgrade to something that is a little more function. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack is our top pick. The Knox has enough pockets to keep your iPad from touching your iPhone from touching your laptop and there is even room for a book or two. Like all Tumi products the Knox carries their awesome warranty. Jealous airline attendant threw your bag and it ripped? That’s covered. The guy in the cubical next to you “accidentally” ripped the handle off? That’s covered too. Just plain old wear and tear? Call up Tumi and they’ve got your back. Bonus: The initials embossed on the leather look badass, we recommend black on black. MSRP $295

The Car- Let’s face it, we have all wasted some time thinking about the perfect road trip car. Personally we think it’s a Ferrari FF when you need the extra room but we’d kill for an Aston Martin DB9. The only issue those two cars are that they are a little (read a hell-of-a-lot) out of our price range. The brand new Jaguar F-type is a much easier nut to swallow. The F-Type is a great little rocket ship of a two seater exemplifying British ingenuity and luxury. It truly is a driver’s car with the entire cockpit angled towards the driver’s seat. The F-Type is remarkably quiet at lower RPM but as soon as the tach needle cross 3000 the inner jungle cat is let loose. You are greeted with a purr that just as inviting as it is scary. They can really sell this with just a recording coming from the tail pipe. The car’s handling is impressive but be forewarned, there is no dosing off, the F-Type needs to be driven and you can’t just go on “auto pilot” like it’s a small sedan. We also love that there is enough trunk room for a weekend road trip. In the words of my test drive “supervisor”, “Put it in sport, pop into the left lane and put the pedal to the floor. Let’s here this kitten purr.” MSRP $69,000 to ~$100,000 decked out.

The Watch- Sure the Omega Speedmaster is iconic and a Rolex Daytona is a classic driving watch but the Brits win this one with the Bremont BC-S2. The white face is the way to go and the dial just screams “British”. For the watch snobs out there Bremont uses a modified calibre 13 1/4” BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 25 jewels. Translation: It’s a great durable movement that will be there for you when you need it, even if you need it hanging upside down in the Alaskan Tundra and there is no need for batteries. Strap on the Bremont, slide into the F-Type, and feel pure British luxury pump through your veins as your heart rate increases with every upshift. MSRP: $3890